Grace is a main character in Facade. She is 30 years of age, has short dark brown hair, and has a blue top with grey trousers. She has blue eyes to match with her top, like her husband Trip. Her main job is being an artist.


Grace was born in a rich family. When Grace was growing up, she was spoiled and given everything she had wanted. She went to the same college as Trip and the player.

She is always attempting to become successful but is never really satisfied with her works. Since Trip despises the idea of having an artist wife, Grace paints in secret.

In May 11th 2001, she was sleeping with Vince until Spiderman broke into their room and shot VIncent in the head while Grace watched in horror until Spidey left.

The Trip and Grace apartment Massacre

When Grace mentioned she dated with Vince, Spiderman pulls out a sniper and shoots her in the face, which got Trip to call SWAT before Spidey kills Trip with his MP5K. When SWAT came, they were likely to be gunned down by Spiderman armed with a MAC 10. A day after the massacre, Grace's parents were notified that she was dead.


If the protagonist says something absurd about Grace, Trip will physically remove you from the apartment, obtaining the bad ending.

If the protagonist gets Grace to reveal things, she will leave Trip, or if Trip reveals things, he will leave Grace, obtaining the other bad endings.

If the protagonist gets Trip and Grace to work everything out and stay together or they politely tell the player to leave and work everything out themselves.

There is a hard to obtain ending in which nothing changes and they still fight.


  • She is 30 years old meaning she was 20 when she married Trip.
  • When she asks the player how he/she is doing, if the player answers that he/she is doing bad, she may sometimes respond with "that's good."
  • Flirting with her will cause Trip to get angry at the player.
  • If the player is playing as a man, he can flirt with Grace when Trip is not near to her.
  • It is revealed that she is having an affair on Trip due to his freakishly small penis.
  • She is a brunette